MoorInpsect - Project Progress
Floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels
FPSO external turret
Mooring line being assembled
Mooring chains in use
Guided ultrasound wave propagation around a chain
Chain climbing robot

Welcome to MoorInspect

Mooring lines are safety-critical systems on offshore floating and semi submersible platforms. The lines are usually subject to immense environmental and structural forces such as currents, oceans waves, and hurricanes. Other forces include impact with the seabed, abrasion, increased drag due to accumulation of marine organisms and salt water corrosion. Failure of one or more of these mooring lines can result in disastrous consequences for safety, the environment and production.

Periodical Inspection of chains systems is mandatory for safety and early detection of possible faults and is usually done either: (i) Through an In-air (outside the water) process that necessitates the decommissioning of production. (ii) In-water inspection, which is carried out with the chains system in situ. more...